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STAYC Members Launch Personal Instagram Accounts

STAYC Members Launch Personal Instagram Accounts: Connect with Your Favorite Artists

STAYC, the talented K-pop group known for their catchy tunes and captivating performances, has taken another step towards connecting with fans by launching their personal Instagram accounts. Let's dive into the details of this exciting development:


Personal Instagram Accounts:

After years of updating fans through their official group account managed by High Up Entertainment, all six members of STAYC—ISA, Park Si Eun, Se Eun, Sumin, Yoon, and J—have finally created their own personal handles on Instagram. Fans can now follow each member individually to get a glimpse into their personal lives, hobbies, and behind-the-scenes moments.

Rapid Growth in Followers:

Since their accounts went live on May 14, each member has already garnered an impressive following, with all of them surpassing 100k followers with just one post. Yoon leads the pack with 192K followers, followed closely by ISA with 174K followers. Se Eun, Si Eun, J, and Sumin have also amassed significant followings, showcasing the group's popularity and strong fanbase.

Getting to Know STAYC:

STAYC, formed by High Up Entertainment, made their debut on November 12, 2020, with the song "SO BAD" from their first single album "Star To A Young Culture." Known for their bubblegum pop style and versatile music genres, STAYC has quickly risen to prominence in the K-pop scene. Their concept, often described as teenfresh or Y2K style, perfectly complements their vocal abilities and visuals.

Discography and Activities:

STAYC's discography includes three mini-albums and seven single albums, featuring hits like "STEREOTYPE," "RUN2U," "ASAP," "BEAUTIFUL MONSTER," "Teddy Bear," and "POPPPY." The group recently concluded their first world tour, "Teenfresh," which took them to major cities worldwide, captivating audiences with their impressive vocals and stage presence.

Connect with STAYC:

Fans can now connect with their favorite STAYC members on Instagram and stay updated on their latest activities, releases, and personal updates. As the group continues to soar in popularity and showcase their talent on the global stage, their personal Instagram accounts provide a more intimate glimpse into their lives beyond the spotlight.

STAYC's decision to launch personal Instagram accounts marks a new chapter in their journey as artists, allowing them to forge closer connections with fans and share their experiences in the ever-evolving world of K-pop. Follow your favorite STAYC members today and join them on their exciting adventures!


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