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Byeon Woo Seok and Kim Hye Yoon's "Lovely Runner"

Byeon Woo Seok and Kim Hye Yoon's "Lovely Runner" Episode 11 Draws Staggering 6 Million Viewers

The ongoing time-slip romance comedy series "Lovely Runner," starring Byeon Woo Seok and Kim Hye Yoon, continues to captivate audiences, with episode 11 recently amassing a remarkable 6 million viewers on the OTT platform. Here's a closer look at this impressive milestone and what makes "Lovely Runner" such a beloved series:

 "Lovely Runner"

Staggering Viewer Numbers:

"Lovely Runner" episode 11 garnered a staggering 6 million viewers on the OTT platform, making it a record-breaking episode for the drama. The astounding statistic reveals that 92.1% of TVING subscribers tuned in to watch the latest installment, reaffirming the series' immense popularity among viewers.

Plot and Characters:

The storyline of "Lovely Runner" revolves around Im Sol, a loyal fan who travels back in time to prevent her favorite K-pop idol, Ryu Sun Jae, from facing a tragic fate. Starring Byeon Woo Seok and Kim Hye Yoon, the drama enchants audiences with its heartwarming romance, endearing characters, and captivating performances.

Romance and Comedy Blend:

Episode 11 of "Lovely Runner" delivered a delightful blend of romance and comedy, as Im Sol and Ryu Sun Jae's relationship takes a new turn. With the confirmation of their mutual feelings, the duo embarks on a heart-fluttering dating journey, captivating audiences with their adorable chemistry and charming interactions.

Consistent Popularity:

The series continues to dominate discussions and ratings, reaffirming its strong hold on viewership. Airing on May 13, episode 11 achieved a nationwide rating of 4.7 percent on paid platforms, with an even higher rating of 5.7 percent in the metropolitan area. These impressive numbers highlight the consistent popularity and widespread appeal of "Lovely Runner."

Recognition and Accolades:

"Lovely Runner" has received praise not only for its impressive ratings but also for its compelling storyline and the immersive performances of its cast. Byeon Woo Seok and Kim Hye Yoon, in particular, have earned recognition for their portrayal of complex emotions and relationships, resonating deeply with audiences.

As "Lovely Runner" continues to captivate viewers with its engaging storyline and charming characters, the series stands as a testament to the power of well-crafted storytelling and compelling performances. With its record-breaking viewer numbers and widespread acclaim, "Lovely Runner" remains a must-watch for fans of romance and comedy alike.


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