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Adah Sharma's Reaction to The Kerala Story Success

 Adah Sharma's film The Kerala Story, directed by Sudipto Sen, has grossed more than ₹147 crore at the Indian box office.

 Title: Adah Sharma's Unforeseen Success with The Kerala Story and Her Reaction


 Adah Sharma, a prominent actress in the Hindi film industry, recently attained great success and acclaim with her role in the film The Kerala Story. Directed by Sudipto Sen, the movie explores the sensitive topic of conversion and has sparked both controversy and box office success. In just 11 days, the film grossed over 147 crore, establishing Adah Sharma as the highest-grossing Bollywood actress for a female-led film, surpassing the previous record held by Alia Bhatt. Adah's reaction to this unexpected achievement and the film's controversies have been a subject of interest for fans and the media.


Adah Sharma, known for her versatile acting skills, was pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming success of  The Kerala Story.In an interview with News18, she expressed her astonishment and gratitude, confessing that she had never anticipated achieving such remarkable heights in her career. Adah humbly admitted, I never dreamed of [achieving] this much. I never dreamed of anything like this.


Adah emphasized that she did not plan or strategize for a film like The Kerala Story to come her way. She attributed the opportunity to fate and expressed her belief that if something is meant to happen, it will. Her outlook reflects her dedication to her craft and a willingness to embrace unexpected opportunities that come her way.


The Controversial Plot and Box Office Triumph 

The Kerala Story tackles the sensitive subject of conversion and has stirred intense discussions and controversies. The film claims to be inspired by the experiences of women from Kerala who were coerced into conversion and recruited by the terrorist group ISIS.


Despite the controversies, the film's box office performance has been exceptional. It earned over 147 crore within just 11 days of release, solidifying its status as a commercial success. Trade analyst Joginder Tuteja shared the film's box office achievements on Twitter, highlighting its position as the highest-grossing female-centric film in Bollywood. Adah Sharma's performance has received widespread appreciation and has contributed significantly to the film's success.


Adah's Reaction and Gratitude

During the interview, Adah Sharma expressed her astonishment and gratitude for the overwhelming response to The Kerala Story. She confessed that she had never imagined achieving such remarkable success. Adah humbly acknowledged that she was not in control of such outcomes, stating, I don't know if any of this is in my hands.


She further mentioned that she had not made any specific plans or preparations for a film like The Kerala Story to come her way. Adah's focus has always been on her craft, diligently pursuing roles that challenge her as an actress. She expressed her joy and gratitude for the opportunity to portray a character that demanded her utmost dedication and trust from the filmmakers.


Adah's humility and grounded approach to her success resonate with her fans and industry peers. Her willingness to embrace unexpected opportunities and her belief in the power of destiny have endeared her to many. Despite her achievements, she remains committed to her craft and acknowledges the importance of continuous hard work and dedication.



Adah Sharma's unexpected success with The Kerala Story has catapulted her into the ranks of Bollywood's top actresses. The film's box office triumph, earning over 147 crore within 11 days, showcases the audience's appreciation for her talent and the movie's compelling storyline.


Adah's reaction to this unexpected achievement reflects her humble and grateful nature. She never imagined achieving such heights in her career and attributes the opportunity to fate rather than meticulous planning. Adah's dedication to her craft




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