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Exx..Gautam Vig on his eviction from Big B

Exx..Gautam Vig on his eviction from Big b

 My relationship with Soundarya overshadowed my game because I was pressurised a lot to prove that it wasn’t fake
would be evicted as she herself wanted to go out, not well, and was dealing with a lot of stress. No one even thought of me. The latest contestant to be evicted from Bigg Boss 16 is Gautam Singh Wig and his exit has surely left many shocked. The actor also took time to recover from the development. He says, "I am shocked and it took a while to absorb

 it. I am still having dreams of Bigg Boss. I was played by Priyanka (Chahar Chaudhary) during the nomination work, who wanted to save herself and Ankit (Gupta), and that's fair. What to do by speaking. I asked Priyanka to pray that I could not escape the eviction, otherwise I would make it difficult for her to stay indoors. On the day of her eviction, everyone was expecting Shaleen (Bhanot) to walk out voluntarily, as that's what she announced in Bigg Boss after a fight between her and MC Steyn. So, we were ready for it and they had packed their bags too. Her ego and self-esteem had come to an end. When they withdrew their decision, everyone thought Soundarya (Sharma)

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